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Introducing The Funster Fund > Dave McIlroy

What is a Funster?

Around 1978 a small group of friends dubbed themselves "The Funsters". This name seemed to encapsulate an attitude of mirth, free spirited fun and not taking one's self too seriously. Being a Funster was a statement. It was not a gang by any means, but Funsters did indeed have a reputation. It was not uncommon for a soccer or baseball game to be "streaked" by one of the then small group.

Not long after a Funster stunt, friends began talking and the name Funster caught on. Others too adopted the moniker for their group of friends. Soon it was more of a generalized term describing a larger group incorporating both guys and girls from the graduating years 1978 - 1983.

This unique dynamic bonded the large group of friends and the memories still resonate when Funsters meet today.


The idea to create a fund first took shape when one of the charter Funster members lost his life to cancer. It seemed that his young life was cut way too short and a way to keep him with us in spirit was discussed. Creating a surviving legacy through another young person who shares the same attitudes and ideals as our Funster friend, seemed like a good idea.

The concept of a fund took further shape when a freak skiing accident claimed another member of the original core group. Realizing that a gathering for a sad occasion was not an ideal place to share stories of crazy Funster stunts, the idea came up to get together on more happier occasions.

Other than graduation year reunions or the odd anniversary of a North Burnaby institution like the Mountain Shadow Pub, it was difficult to get the Funster Alumni together to share memories and recreate some of their antics. Social media has allowed the group to stay in contact more than ever but it is still not the same as the face to face fun that is had when Funsters meet.

Launching the fund:

Simply talking about the idea was not going to get anything done, so a reason to kick off the fund with an inguinal sponsorship drive was needed. July 2012 marked the 50th birthday of a charter Funster member. Guests asked what kind of gift they might bring to the 50th birthday party. This created the perfect opportunity to start the fund.

All money raised from donations will deposited in a trust account and two signing officers will be required to disperse any funds. The original fund officers will be volunteers who will commit to create an annual report, showing funds raised, monies spent and recipients who benefited.

Annually a board will be appointed to govern the fund. The only prerequisite to being a member of the board, is a link to the original Funster group.

Other than office and banking admin costs, 100% of all proceeds will be given out to recipients. No board member or Chairperson will be compensated financially and no board member or Chair will use the fund to benefit financially.

Growing the fund:

Around the Christmas holiday season, the Funster Fund will put the call out for donations. This will allow for anyone to contribute a cash donation and know where and how their donation will be used. A financial goal will be stated each year and a progress report will be updated on the Funster Fund website, which will be

How to get involved:

If you would like to be involved as a board member, fundraiser, social media coordinator, treasurer, or other role. Please leave a post to this forum.

August 11, 2012 | Registered CommenterDave McIlroy

Hi Dave,

I'd be glad to help in any capacity other than streaker :(
I'd hate to blow a hip and end up doing a naked garage sale!
Wouldn't be the first time EMT's had to scrape me up naked
and take me to Royal Columbian.
With my luck the place would be overflowing and I'd end up
on a stretcher, naked in Tim Horton's.


August 17, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterPaul Enkelmann

And the mirth beings already!!
Thank you Mr E. I can think of no other person who better exemplifies the status of "original funster" along with your expert managerial acumen, the fund will be in good hands.
Let's discuss when we see each other - which I hear rumored may even be this weekend. Yeah!!

Hee Horeee!

August 17, 2012 | Registered CommenterDave McIlroy


While Tony is in Prince George tonight working his ass off, I took the time to read this to him. He loves the idea and wants to be involved as well. He so wishes he could be there to celebrate your Big 50 tonight and wishes you a good one. He said that without a doubt that beers will be shared before the end of this year! He was also thinking that perhaps we could show the young gangsters out there how to use a pee shooter and perhaps some surfing for an adrenaline rush. Hell I say we write a script based on the Funsters! Wishing you well and I am definately in for any help you need as a funster wife. Sign us up. PS At Tony's surprise 50th I am going to tell the story of when he lived with you and he was dreaming and swearing like a banchee "U U the f'n letter U". So many laughs. If you don't mind I would like to post this for Tony's party as people have asked me what they can bring as a gift. I think this would be exactly what Tony wants a contribution to the Funster fund. Let me know if you are ok with that. PSS Any possible chance you can make it that night?????

August 19, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterChris and Tony Anderson