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BCNet and Shaw Peer with McIlroy Venture 

The age of HD Internet TV from your local ball park is here

October 30, 2009

Vancouver BC:

Dave McIlroy has just announced that his new venture has peered with BCNet to deliver Internet Broadcasting to and from the network which BCNet serves. This means schools like UBC, UVic and SFU along with, government buildings and in some cases cities are now able to send and receive HD video to and from the PlayFullScreen network. "This is a real milestone for independent broadcast", says McIlroy. "I have always strongly advocated that organizations such as sports leagues as well as arts and entertainment groups, maintain ownership and control of their Internet Broadcast rights. By using the so called free services you are giving those companies unrestricted access to your asset, that being your content. Now with the ability to send HD video to us over BCNet, the Universities can for example create their own sports and media channels. Keep your ownership rights and work with a company like PlayFullScreen to offer Pay per View and ad driven events."

PlayFullScreen has also peered with Shaw. "This was a really significant thing for us; Shaw clients make up more than 35% of our total viewing audience. Now that we can hand off the Internet Broadcast at the peering point it means a better quality experience for the viewer and a competitive advantage for PlayFullScreen," said McIlroy.

As communication and entertainment merge there will be millions of options for viewers. Not just the whimsical YouTube video, which has been referred to as "video snacking". Flat screen HD televisions are becoming Internet ready, it is just a matter of time before you sit back and enjoy an NHL or NFL game then switch to the local rink to watch a son, daughter or relative play their game. The possibilities of learning, training, entertainment etc are limitless.

About BCNet

BCNET is a not-for-profit organization providing high-speed optical network capabilities, often called advanced networks, to British Columbia’s higher education and research institutions. Advanced networks are independent from the commercial Internet and support experimental and collaborative efforts in education and research being conducted across the province and around the world.

About PlayFullScreen

PlayFullScreen is an Internet Broadcast enabler. Through the proliferation of the PlayFullScreen software SelfCaster, the company is creating the largest Internet Broadcast Syndication network in the world. Using software with friendly human interface, PlayFullScreen provides a web based platform to create a personalized broadcast channel. Live events are easily broadcast to an online audience, then linked as on demand archives for viewing later. All aspects of capture, delivery, storing and publishing are there to be taken advantage of by novices and professionals alike. Full ecommerce fulfillment can be added as well as advertising elements if one wishes to monetize the content.